GTA Online release date info revealed by Rockstar
GTA Online release date info revealed by

Rockstar has revealed information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online DLC packs release dates, which might disappoint the fans.

While Rockstar had promised that the DLC would be released within a few weeks of the GTA Online's release, there seems to have been a delay now due to the firm's concentration on improving the ongoing errors and glitches in the game.

Rockstar's comment about the release date came as a reply to one of the fan's query on Rockstar Newswire on Oct. 18. The representative from Rockstar responded that the company does not have a particular time frame for the release. However, they have promised to release it soon, which is expected to be December 2013 or January 2014.

"We don't currently have a timeframe to share, but we do hope to be able to give you release timings for Heists and other free updates soon. Please stay tuned," they stated, reports Examiner.

Rockstar Games has promised its fans that they would soon release the content creator, capture the flag mode and the beach bum pack along with the heists. For those who are not aware, the beach bum pack is said to include new beach based clothing, vehicles and weapons.

The developer has also provided an update for GTA Online regarding the addition of extra heist and other missions in the form a DLC.

In related news, the first DLC for GTA 5 single-player game could also include CJ, the chief character in GTA San Andreas. The news was revealed when Shawn Fonteno, who plays the character of Franklin in GTA 5, said that he has been working in a project with Young Malay, who enacted CJ in GTA San Andreas, which is assumed to be the next DLC. The information was hinted in the recent New York Comic-Con.

Rockstar is yet to confirm the details regarding the DLC and whether CJ would be added in it or not.