Twitter/Rocket League

"Rocket League," the physics-based soccer video game from developer Psyonix, is all set to receive a new update in April and it will see the inclusion of a new Basketball mode. The Basketball mode had got the players excited about it since its reveal. The developer said that this update will be released sometime in late April.

Psyonix detailed the features of the April update in its blog post, saying the next patch of "Rocket League" will feature new content, features and changes.

New Mode, "Hoops"

This is a basketball-inspired game mode that will be available in Exhibition, Private Match or new Casual Playlist, pitting layers against each other in a 2v2 match. Hoops will have its own exclusive Arena called "Dunk House."

Replay Quick-Saving

Based on fan requests, Psyonix adds a new quick-save feature to the game via this update. The players can click on a new "Save Replay" hot-key/ button during the game and the game is saved.

Replay Naming

This will aid the new quick-save feature by introducing naming and renaming abilities to the game. The players are able to name any new Replay in post-game lobby or rename pre-existing ones from the "Replays" menu.

What's with that BOUNCE!? 

Due to the game's physics behaving in "unusual ways," Psyonix promised changes to the behaviour of physics in the game. It includes additional changes to the Wasteland Arena. The players can expect the following:

Example 1 – Global Horizontal

Example 2 – Global Vertical

Example 3 – Wasteland

Xbox One and "Cosmic" Arena!

Xbox One users will be enthused to find new features like Rocket Labs that brings experimental Arenas with virtual reality-inspired aesthetics to the Casual Playlist.

The company also announced a bonus to the players on all platforms. The players will be receiving new Rocket Labs arena, "Cosmic," which has been inspired by the classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars map.