"Rock On 2" teaser is out and looking fresh. The Mumbai-based band Magik is back and although, there have line-up changes, the new members add an equally exciting touch to the group.

In "Rock On 2," Farhan Akhtar is clearly leading the show, and from what the minute-long teaser suggests, the star takes aspiring singer Shraddha Kapoor under his wing and makes her one of the faces of Magik.

Check the "Rock On 2" teaser here.

Reprising roles are Arjun Rampal (on guitar) and Kunal Kohli (on drums), respectively. Newest entrant Shashank Aora is on Sarod and Shraddha as vocalist and keyboardist. 

In "Rock On," the focus was on the band formation and how they strive to make it big in the world of music. In the instalment, the principle characters seem to be dealing with a spate of strong emotions.

Directed by Shujaat Saudagar and produced by Farhan and Ritesh Sidhwani, "Rock On 2" is scheduled to open in theatres on Nov. 11.

What does Farhan have to say?

"It was equally exciting and challenging to make a sequel. We wanted the best in every segment of the film, be it in music, casting, or the location. Most importantly, we have a certain responsibility to the sequel and the people who have really kept the memories of the film alive, so that while watching, the audience would feel that we have made the film with the same sincerity and love," he elaborated.