Rock On 2
(Above) Rock On 2 lead casts Purab Kohli, Shraddha Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Shashank Arora and Arjun Rampal. (Below L-R) Farhan shooting for the song Manzar Naya, the scenic beauty of Shillong and Rock On 2 team shooting at Laitlum.PR Handout

Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar-starrer Rock On 2 hit the big screen on Friday, November 11. The entire film was shot in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya.

Many people across the country believe that the city was chosen for production mainly because it is known as 'The Rock Capital of India'. Even the lead actor once said that the place was an obvious choice for the movie as it has a huge history with rock music.

But the question is whether Shillong is still the "Rock Capital of India". Read on to find out what the residents have to say about the epithet.

The members of Shillong-based rock bands, such as Cubicles, Strait Brothers and Colors, told International Business Times India whether they think the city justifies the title. 

"It is the Rock Capital of India mainly because there are many talented musicians in the city, who understand the genre well," Pyunhun Syiem from Cubicles said. 

The singers of boy band Colors also said that the city gives lots of opportunities to talented musicians. "There is a passion for music and it is in the air. Everyone here loves music and appreciates it," they said.

The music-centric ambience percolates to every section of society, and youngsters are encouraged to pick up musical instruments at a very early age. "However, there is a dip in the number of musical events held in the city, and that is because of several marketing reasons," the members of Strait Brothers said. 

Not everyone is so upbeat about the scenario though. Veteran musician Lau Majaw, who is popularly known as the Bob Dylan of India, believes that the title Rock Capital can never be associated with the capital city of Meghalaya.

"I don't think Shillong is the rock capital of India. Someone just coined that phrase with the name of the city but it's not really like that," he says, adding that in India, music is everywhere, from the north to south and east to west. "In places like Delhi, bands perform every day in some bars, hotels and restaurants. In Calcutta also, a lot of things are happening. Mumbai may not have a thriving music scene, but you do see people practising here and there." 

He, however, does appreciate the fact that music in Shillong gets a big boost once or twice a week. "We have lots and lots of bands here. But then, if we look at a place like Manipur, I believe there are 25 to 28 bands there. So then you feel that not much is happening here."

About Shillong
The city, which is also known as the Scotland of the East, has been associated with music for years. It has attracted many international music bands, such as Dying Fetus, Fire House, Queensryche and White Snake. The place even entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest guitar ensemble in 2007, when a total of 1,730 guitarists gathered and played to the tunes of Bob Dylan's popular number, Knocking On Heaven's Door.