It has been a year since the world lost the comedic brilliance known as Robin Williams.

Even without personally knowing him, many claim that just his existence has helped them in times of need. As fans, we loved him, cherished him and mourned him. But to have known him and lose him, is unfathomable; which is what makes this touching tribute to the legend by him on-screen daughter from the short-lives TV Show "The Crazy Ones", is so touching and beautiful:

Williams enjoyed a wide range of fans including everyone between John Stamos and Margaret Cho, both of whom paid tribute to WIlliams, who is well known for his benevolence and his cheerfulness. While Stamos tweeted, ""Dear money, send mom" Robin Williams. The first autograph I ever got. You are missed Robin. #RobinWilliams", Cho wrote, "I miss Robin so much. #berobin".

Meanwhile, novelist Dan Spencer, who was a close personal friend of WIlliams wrote a touching tribute on Medium, titled "Life Lessons from Robin Williams: The simple things my friend taught me." In the beaufitul piece Spencer calls him "generous, humble, gentle and kind".