Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are back in the news. While reports of their relationship going through a rough phase and the engagement being postponed has been doing the rounds for a few weeks now, now it looks like the couple may have called off their wedding for good.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Pat and Twigs have pushed their wedding plans due to busy schedules, but new reports suggest that Twigs is trying to back off from the engagement and that Rob's parents are reportedly happy that the plans are falling apart.

Apparently, things aren't going very well for Rob and his fiancé. Their relationship started to look grey between them since mid-August, reported Inquisitr.

"They've definitely drifted and have barely spoken while he's in Belfast and she's been in the States. They were finding it hard to talk because of the time difference and how busy they both were," a source said.

The source also claimed that it was the songstress who wants the wedding to take a backseat. "FKA Twigs told Rob she couldn't keep planning a wedding if they aren't in agreement about the future," the source added.

But amidst all these reports and claims, OK! Magazine reported that Rob's family is glad he no longer has wedding on his mind and they are actually hoping that the couple calls it off for good.

"News that things aren't going well has been met with relief by his family members who live in London. They are very polite to Twigs' face, but are horrified by her raunchy on-stage persona and her piercings and tattoos," the source said.

"They'd prefer to see him with some conservative posh British woman," the source added.

The report further stated that FKA may consider pushing the situation off gracefully. "Twigs doesn't want to cause a family rift, and their wedding is off the agenda for now. She feels it's best to just bow out of the situation gracefully," an insider added.

Apparently, there were discrepancies over wedding dates and the ceremony as well, the report highlighted. "Rob's family wanted a lavish church ceremony, while FKA wanted a small wedding in an English pub," the source said.

Well, it looks like fans need to stop blaming Kristen Stewart for Robert Pattinson's decision to postpone his wedding plans with FKA Twigs.