Rob Lowe is one of the handsome faces the Hollywood has in present times . An aspect which was well explored in the mockumentary Parks and Recreations. If you have given up on the series for its new style of cinematography, you have not given the series a chance. Parks and Recreations had a lot to offer about the circumstances in American government offices with a touch of comedy.  The series had given rise to Rob Lowe. However, the actor had to turn down a prominent role in Grey's Anatomy. 

But the actor has no regrets when it comes to his decades-long planning of career. During an interview with Variety, he talked about his conscious decision to let go of Dr Derek Shepherd. 

Rob Lowe

"This is what longevity, experience and recovery give you. There are no accidents. Whatever decision you come to, if you come to it from the right place, it's never wrong," he said. 

Award-winning medical drama

Grey's Anatomy had turned out to be an award-winning, medical drama that gave rise to the career of Patrick Dempsey who was later popularly called Mc Dreamy. He played a strong role in Grey's Anatomy from  2005 to 2015, before his character's role came to an end. 

"Me in that part isn't as interesting as Patrick in that part. If it'd been me the fans wouldn't have called me 'McDreamy,' they would have called me Rob Lowe."

Looking back at all his decisions Lowe said that he is thankful he passed on the series because of the other opportunities he was later able to jump on. "Had I done Grey's, I wouldn't have been in Parks and Recreation? That alone for me is enough," he concluded.