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Youth-centric reality shows like Roadies is known to be a controversial show. The auditions round of the show has always made headlines mostly because of the extent to which the aspiring contestants go. In the past, many youngsters have got selected with their antics, however, this time a guy named Sarang made a startling confession during the auditions of Roadies Real Heroes.

In the audition form, Sarang revealed that he wanted to 'slay' (kill) global icon Priyanka Chopra. Citing the reason, Sarang said that he wanted to kill her because of her rude behaviour. He further explained that he was a back dancer and had worked with the actress in the past. In one of the dance performances, Priyanka apparently changed the step in the end moment, which resulted in a lot of trouble for the crew and background dancers including Sarang. This left mentor Neha Dhupia shocked.

While the contestant's confession is indeed shocking, there is no authenticity to his claiming and could be his way to get selected in the show by using the Desi girl's name.

As soon as the video of Sarang's revelation made its way on social media, netizens flooded Instagram with comments. While many said that Priyanka didn't do any wrong, others believed his story. A few also claimed that the guy has his own insecurities.

linear_circle: Not the first instance I heard where Priyanka was nasty. My relative had a similar experience in Miami during the shoot of Dostana in 2008. John, Abhishek were sweet though

ruchikittu: Haaa toh attitude ....kamayaaa hai Priyanka ne...Tu bhi kamaa Tu bhi dikha roka kisne hai...

Joeprameelah: @ruchikittu junior artist ya background dancers actors se v acha dance karte hai, difference sirf itna hai ki woh usko sab jante hai aur junior artist ko nahi. Toh attitude kis baat ki sab ek hi industry mein hai. Give respect and take respect. Though m a big fan of PC but yeh v sahi nahi na peace out ☮️

__sudiksha: I really don't like this guy.. Out of everyone in the Indian film industry who throw tantrums.. U pick pc.. She's one of the most grounded actors u have there... Really?

fillintheblank1: Doesn't seem like Priyanka did anything wrong. This guy just has his own insecurities. Everyone's expressions on his anti-climatic story says it all. They're all like wtf?

savani_bondre03: Priyanka chopra is one of the most experienced actors in the film industry and also one of the best.without her attitude she wo't be helping people on the daily basis through the medium of being an ambassador of guy with no mental capacity just f off...