Along with hope, this year has brought with it some bad mojo too as celebrity couples are parting ways like no one's business.

After Nandish Sandhu-Rashami Desai, "Roadies" co-creator/judge Raghu Ram and wife Sugandha Garg are headed for a split.

A friend of the couple told The Asian Age that they would continue to be friends adding that the decision was mutual. "Raghu and Sugandha are wonderful people, they have decided to uncouple but they deeply care about each other. They respect each other's decision and still hang out together," the leading daily quoted the insider as saying.

The source further elaborated how they all get together with no discomfort. "In fact, we all hang out together and there is no awkwardness or bad feeling at all. They are close friends and will continue to be so for the rest of their lives," said the friend.

Talking about the cause of the divorce, the insider revealed that it was the amount of time they spent with each other in recent times that took a toll on the relationship. The dynamics changed because they were unable to take time out for one another.

"Both of them have been able to spend lesser and lesser time with each other over the last few years and that has probably changed the equation between them."

In other news, Sugandha is busy with her upcoming projects, one of which is a sequel to a very interesting satire film "Tere Bin Laden." Raghu has immersed himself in production work for his company Monozygotic.