As the end of season 6 is upon us, the crime show, "Rizzoli and Isles" has given us much to look forward to. The past few seasons have dealt with the character of Jane Rizzoli and the character development has been dynamic and so multi-dimensional, we understand her so much better.

But what about her best friend, Maura Isles, who plays the role of a medical examiner? We don't know much about her apart from the fact that her biological father was a criminal. Well, it seems that the show's producers have taken the hint and episode 8 of season 2 will focus on Maura. In "Nice To Meet You Dr. Isles", we will learn a good deal about Maura's life, her family and her relationship with her father.

"Nice To Meet You Dr. Isles" begins with the death of a jeweller who has a high-profile clientele. As the investigation to unearth the murderer ensues, Maura is confronted with an uncomfortable truth. Her adoptive father, Arthur Isles, has something to do with the murder. In the promo, Arthur tells Maura, "I need to speak to you about your case. Doctor to Doctor."

Even as Maura learns some valuable information, she is confronted with a dilemma: to believe or not to believe. This in fact depicts the turbulent relationship she shares with her father and one that takes over her perception of the case. Maura tells Jane, "Whatever he says, it's never the whole truth." To which Jane Rizzoli says, "You don't think your father killed him, do you?"

Their conversation, which takes on a more serious tone reflects that something sinister awaits us in episode 8. That Maura's father could be a potential killer is discomforting and one that Maura has to deal with. While this is sad news, it adds an interesting dimension to the usually reticent medical examiner, who, until now, we know nothing about.

"Rizzoli And Isles" airs on Tuesday, 4 August, at 9pm on TNT. You can live stream it here.