So far, the plot of "Rizzoli And Isles" season 6 has snaked through so many twists and turns that it has stamped itself as an addictive detective show. And one that surprises us all the time.

This season, the central theme is focused on unraveling Dr. Maura Isles' past. It promises to be nail-biting, as her adoptive dad is introduced to us.

The show's frontrunner told Hollywood Reporter: "We spent a lot of time talking about who that person is. We've seen all of the rest of the characters, why have we not seen that one? It gave us a really interesting opportunity to bring some conflict into the show for the Maura Isles character."

Although we got to know little about each character's life in the various seasons, this year, the producers have introduced a grisly story that surmises Maura's life.

In Episode 8, titled, "Nice to Meet You Dr Isles", we are privy to the death of a jeweler, who is found murdered. As Jane Rizzoli and Maura look for clues, it leads them to Maura's adoptive father, Arthur Isles.

The doctor, who seems strangely connected to the murder of the high profile jeweler, seeks Maura's company and wishes to speak with her in private. In the promo, he says, "I need to speak to you, doctor to doctor."

Will Maura botch the murder case to protect her father? Even Jane asks her, "You don't think your father killed him, do you?"

Although Maura doesn't seem to trust her adoptive father, it remains to be seen if she will take his side in the ensuing murder thriller.

"Rizzoli And Isles" will air on Tuesday, 4 August at 9pm on TNT.

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