Riti Boochra

A book enthusiast, Riti Boochra is heavily influenced by and swears by "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. The timeless classic has sprinkled into her life and shaped her ideologies. The influences are evident in her Instagram page, @learnenglishwithriti, which sets out to impart the fundamentals of the English language.

Her passion for reading, education and technological tools are paving new ways of educating people and imparting knowledge.

A trailblazer in the making

She is an educator out and about with numerous credentials. First, a two-time contender for the title 'CBSE national topper'. Second, she was lauded by the then Primeminister in 2010 for her academic acumen. Among the many hats she possesses, she also is a best-selling author, a lawyer and a content creator.

So what can be said about her? That she is driven, dedicated, passionate and committed to education and has come quite far.

About @learnenglishwithriti

A nascent venture which just turned two in July 2022, @learnenglishwithriti is quite a success and revelation among her students and learners. Already, she has over 198,000 followers. Her page grows by about 20,000 new members every year. The page specializes in teaching the fundamentals and finer nuances of the English language. In this relatively short stint, she has helped and guided 3000 students to redefine their prospects.

Her channel is no arrow in the dark! The channel behests upon her modern-day ideologies and approaches. And even more so, her life experiences. She contests that the traditional ways of teaching are the fossils of the past and unlikely to make a resurgence.

In taking this stand, she creates courses and workshops to encourage students to learn and keep them engaged. Her teaching style embraces competency-based, project-based, problem-based, critical thinking and cooperation-based learning styles.

The technological gambit

She credits modern-day technological advancements with reshaping the future of education. Her Instagram channel itself is the result of modern-day tech and internet access. The mammoth of a pandemic had kept everyone confined to their homes. She sought to leverage the internet and better the lives of those around her. And this is how @learnenglishwithriti got launched in July 2020.

Technology has increased pressure on tutors to leverage technology into their learning process. One such aspect is social media, which she has embraced into her teaching model.

Going back in time

Her family runs a publishing house, to which she has contributed a great deal. She helped compile and edit over 100 books in seven years. Not only this, but also she helped grow the business. She expanded the catalogue from 800 SKUs to 1200 SKUs within three years. She also helped amp up the distribution network from 548 bookstores to over 750.

What's more, along with managing the family business, she obtained the LLB and LLM degrees and began teaching in the cities of Jaipur and Guwahati.

She also helped modernise the traditionally-run business by computerising all the departments. Additionally, she broke the compartmentalised silos and brought everyone under the same roof.

Her vision for a brighter tomorrow

She plans to launch education centres to reshape and redefine India's teaching standards and quality.

The ideation

She believes in learning and growing with her students. Her motto is to take each day as it comes and proceed one step at a time. She sees one year as an assimilation of 365 possibilities.