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For portraying the real life story of a stammerer in director Ranjith Sankar's "Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam", Malayalam actor Jayasurya has been receiving positive responses from all quarters.

Not just celebrities, even civil servants have been lauding the actor for doing such a challenging and eye-opener character in the family entertainer.

Jayasurya shared his excitement on receiving a phone call from Rishi Raj Singh IPS on Sunday and has shared a screenshot of the officer's Facebook post on appreciating the film.

"I got a phone call from honourable Rishi Raj Singh. He watched Su Su Sudhi and said he liked it. My happiness became double after seeing a post that he shared on his Facebook page. Thank uu so much sir," Jayasurya posted on Facebook.

Even director Ranjith Sankar has thanked the civil servant for commenting on the film and says that it is the biggest appreciation from him on the film. 

After punyalan agarbathis when I met Rishi raj sir in a function I was surprised when he quoted some satirical dialogues on niyamasabha from it which very few noticed. .That too being a non malayali..And here comes the biggest appreciation from him for susu...Thank you sir:) We are trying our best to make sure the movie reaches more and more people!!! -- writes Ranjith Sankar.

Just saw Malayalam film 'Su Su Sudhi walmikam', a brillaint stuff; film is based on a real life story.. dealing with the acute problem of hackling.. as we saw 2 years ago in an oscar winning film 'the king's speech'. Actor Jayasurya equally supported by other young artists has successfully re-enacted the whole experiance of traumatisation of a person affected by hackling while speaking; it is equally admirable how with great grit and determination, with the help of experts, he finally conquers and gets rid of it.. film must be seen with children as they should be made realise that in school children should encourage to get overphysical infirmities if any one among them uis suffering any of these... like hackling... a must see stuff. -- Rishi Raj Singh writes on his Facebook page.

A few days ago, Kozhikode collector Prasanth Nair, directors Nadhirshah, Jude Anthony Joseph and actress Mamta Mohandas had also shared their responses about the Jayasurya starrer on their social media pages.

Meanwhile, "Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam" is doing tremendous business in India and its director claims that the film recorded its best collections in all centres on its 17th day, ie, on Sunday, 6 December.

After rocking the box office in Kerala, "Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam" is all set to hit the screens all over the US, UAE, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Africa from 11 December.

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