Funny #RIPRichardDawkins meme
Funny #RIPRichardDawkins memeTwitter

Evolutionary biologist and writer Richard Dawkins, well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design, became the butt of jokes after the hashtag #RIPRichardDawkins gained traction on Twitter.

For the record Richard Dawkins is alive and is still an atheist. However, hundreds of online Twitter users still continue to post their eulogy under the parody hashtag RIPRichardDawkins.

While there is no real explanation as to what really triggered the viral #RIPRichardDawkins hashtag, Salon citing one of the two Twitter users, who are believed to have started the trend, stated that he put up the hashtag out of complete 'boredom.'

"There seems to be a misconception that this was done as a political statement of some sort," @famoushorse wrote in an email to Salon. 

"This is, of course, not the case. Sure, [Dawkins is] one of the most impressive old racist men but this was pure boredom with the hope of eliciting a public freak out from Dawkins. I mean, there's still hope for that. The day is young."

Twitter Memes and Comments on #RIPRichardDawkins

Mr. Dana Lazaro ‏@cold4thetweets 

If Richard Dawkins is still alive, why won't moderate Muslims come out and confirm it? #RIPRichardDawkins

Miguelito ‏@ihatemmorpgs 

The #RIPRichardDawkins meme serves as circumstantial evidence that Richard Dawkins is dead. That should be enough for most people. 

Musky Lozenge ‏@LostCatDog

#RIPRichardDawkins he was a great thinker and the best "Family Feud" host ever 

HORSE WHOM ‏@famoushorse 

Richard Dawkins will be remembered for contribution to contemporary Islam and the invention of meme machine #RIPRichardDawkins 

christian mccrea ‏@christianmccrea 

#RIPRichardDawkins leaving behind a legacy of yelling at feminists that will be taken up, begrudgingly, by thousands of identical men

yung unit testa ‏@dannolan 

#RIPRichardDawkins who was alive when the hashtag started trending but so deeply believed in logic he killed himself to make it true 

Andrew Galvin ‏@andrew_galvin 

#RIPRichardDawkins Atheism's first pope has transitioned to his heavenly reward