Marius, the giraffe is pictured in Copenhagen Zoo on 7 February, 2014.Reuters

There is something severely rotten, unlucky and cursed to be born as a giraffe in Denmark and to have a name called 'Marius'.

Even as the fire in outraged public had not extinguished after Copenhagen Zoo 'murdered' a perfectly healthy baby giraffe called, Marius, another ill-fated giraffe with the same unlucky name is going to be killed in Denmark, reports suggest.

When the first Marius was killed and then dismembered in front of children while broadcasting the entire act live online, there was a spate of outrage in the internet attacking what has been widely referred to as an unwelcome and unjustified murder of an innocent animal.

Well, they are doing it again!

The second zoo called Jallands Park Zoo, in Denmark has announced that they might have to euthanize one of their male giraffes. What seems to be most surprising about this announcement is that the entire surge of outrage and condemnation from both inside as well as outside the country - from possibly every spears -- seems to have had no effect, whatsoever,  to the authorities in the country.

Just like the first Marius, this one is also deemed genetically invaluable by Denmark. The second Marius is considered not really useful to the zoo and therefore, may have to be eliminated to prevent in-breeding, CNN reported.

 Thousands of people had signed an online petition to save the first giraffe, after Copenhagen Zoo announced their plans to slaughter the animal because of European laws on inbreeding. The animal was killed, despite offers from other zoos such as the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Britain who were ready to give Marius a new home.

Now, from the face of it, it looks like nothing is going to move Danish heart, even if the whole world tells them not to do this.