Dipa Karmakar
Dipa Karmakar has won hearts with her performances in Rio Olympics.Reuters

India's Dipa Karmakar missed out on a bronze medal in the vault finals as the Tripura girl finished fourth with score of 15.066 on Sunday. Despite giving her best, she missed the medal with a whisker, as Giulia Steingruber from Switzerland finished third with 15.216 to break Indian hearts. USA's Simone Biles won the gold medal with a brilliant performance in Rio. She scored 15.966, while Russia's Maria Paseka won silver.

Biles, who received the loudest cheers from the fans during the gymnasts' introduction, was the last gymnast to take part in the finals. The American, as has made it a habit of shining in major events, did not disappoint to win yet another gold medal finish. 

Dipa did not start with the Pradunova vault in her first attempt, but went ahead with tsukuhara and landed well to pick up a score of 14.866. All eyes were on the Indian girl, who was set to perform the risky 'Pradunova' vault, and she was successful, but replays suggested that the landing was not as perfect as one would have loved. She scored 15.266, and had a combined score of 15.066.

Had Dipa landed better on her Pradunova vault, things could have turned in India's favour. However, Dipa should be proud of her performance in Rio, finishing fourth while competing against best gymnasts from around the world.

The gymnast might not have been well-known in many parts of India before the Games, but her performances in Rio has helped her earn name and fame in the sport. She might have failed to win any medal, but she definitely won hearts of Indian sports fans with her stunning feat.

Not only did she become the first Indian to qualify for the finals in the sport, but came close to winning a medal in a field comprising world champions. She should be proud of herself as she finished above top gymnasts like Hong Un-Jong from Korea as well.

Dipa has all the credentials to become a future star, with age by her side. Four years down the line, when Karmakar represents India in Tokyo 2020, she will be much more experienced, and can surely help India win its first medal in gymnastics.