Eating the right kind of food is integral for any athlete to succeed, irrespective of the competition, and the government of India have done their bits to ensure the Indian athletes will have that particular base covered by ensuring Indian cuisine will be served at the Rio Olympics. All types of cuisines such as European, Asian, and Continental are also going to be served, but Indian athletes will depend on the desi tadka in the games village.

With the quadrennial event being held in Brazil, the athletes were initially worried about the kind of food on offer. But now, they do not have to worry about that, allowing them to just concentrate on their preparations for the Rio Olympics. Sports Secretary Rajiv Yadav has confirmed the presence of Indian food on the menu in the games village.

"We have got confirmation from Rio Olympics organisers that our athletes will be served Indian food throughout the Games. It will be part of the official Games' menu," PTI quoted sports secretary Rajiv Yadav said.

"We had got a request from some of the athletes for their preference for Indian food. Getting the right food is essential if the athletes have to give their best in Rio."

India athletes have been superb this time in their respective qualifying events, with the nation set to send the largest contingent ever, comprising more than 100 athletes. The Sports Ministry wants to leave no stone unturned, and have also increased the athletes' allowance from $50 to $100 a day, which is always a welcome sign.

"We have doubled the daily allowance too, from $50 to $100. Some of the athletes had mentioned to us that the earlier amount was not enough," Yadav said.

Now, the ministry has done their bit, providing Indian food in the official menu of the Olympic Games and also increasing the allowances. The nation will hope to see the India athletes shine in Rio, and come home with a fair few medals.

India's performance in the Olympics has improved in the last two games, winning three medals in 2008 and six in 2012. Can India improve upon their performance in the 2016 Rio Olympics?