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Indian female gymnast Dipa Karmakar created history on Sunday night by qualifying for the individual vault finals in Gymnastics in Rio Olympics 2016. However, Indians who were tuned into Star Sports India were only able to see her second attempt, missing the life-threatening Produnova.

The 22-year-old from Tripura is the first Indian woman gymnast at the Olympic Games. She will also be remembered in the annals of history for performing the Produnova successfully. She is also the first Indian woman gymnast to win a Commonwealth Games medal. During the second attempt at the individual vault qualifiers, she performed the Tsukahara vault, which was televised. She had scored 14.850 points after the two attempts.

People took to Twitter on Sunday night to condemn the channel, even though it was broadcasting feed it received from the host. The channel had no control over the blink-and-miss screen time given to Karmakar. Her next performance will be on Aug. 14 where she could win to get India its first medal in gymnastics. 

From celebs to civilians, many took to Twitter, including Amitabh Bachchan.  

Harsha Bhogle, however, explained the problem to Twitter, and defended Star Sports India. 

Meanwhile, her father said: "Tomorrow is Dipa's birthday. If she gets a medal, it will be biggest gift for her...We couldn't sleep because of tension. Now we are very happy, hoping for the best." Many others, including politicians and celebrities, congratulated the woman who created history.