(Picture for representation) Bobby - the barn owl had was supposed to carry the rings.Creative Commons

Not all owls are as smart as Hedwig from Harry Potter. A trained barn owl, which was supposed to be the ring bearer at an English wedding, created a chaos after it went for the wrong cue. 

In a video shared by BBC Wales, a majestic barn owl, which was supposed to deliver the rings, is seen flying haywire leaving the guests at the ceremony in a flutter. 

At the wedding of Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, Bobby, a trained barn owl, was entrusted to bring the wedding rings by swooping down the aisle and perching on the best man's arm. It did the stunt perfectly, but the poor bird got confused when another man, seated in the front row, pointed at it.

It started flapping its wings and swooped down toward the guy, who was apparently scared of birds. The terrified man was seen falling down his chair as the crowd burst into laughter.

"The owl sees it as a sign to fly to the hand. The owl has just dived in and hit the guy - who is terrified of birds. [He] fell off his chair," the wedding photographer Stacey Oliver told BBC Wales.

"I just instantly knew what was going to happen, I could see it was going to happen," she added.

Not only the guest, the bride and the groom also enjoyed the incident thoroughly and didn't seem to mind the goof-up at all.

 Jeni, the bride, told the website that she was chuckling so much inside that after some time her stomach began to hurt.

"It made the wedding because we were all talking about it all night...My phone hasn't stopped - I've had loads of people calling me. It's been wild," said the bride.

Check out the video here: