Rihanna's Baby Bump Sparks Pregnancy Rumor: Is the Father Drake or Chris Brown?  (CreativeCommons/LiamMendes)
Rihanna's Baby Bump Sparks Pregnancy Rumor: Is the Father Drake or Chris Brown? (CreativeCommons/LiamMendes)CreativeCommons/LiamMendes

Rihanna has once again made headlines. The Barbadian singer has created stir by sporting an alleged baby bump while stepping out in  public. Reports are rife that RiRi is pregnant and has given up drinking and smoking for the health of her baby.

A report from Media Take Out also claims that RiRi is abstaining from weed and alcoholic beverages and is even skipping events and parties, which involve smoking and drinking.

She was even spotted walking out a coffee shop with her dad but was sipping on decaffeinated drink. RiRi's choice for caffeine free drink has further fuelled the rumors of her preganancy and has made the fans wonder as to who the father  of RiRi's alleged child is-Drake or Chris Brown?

Drake and Rihanna have been spotted spending a lot of time together and buzz is that the couple is dating each other exclusively. 

"Nothing is official in terms of their relationship but they're still dating and sleeping with each other exclusively," Enstarz quoted an insider. "You'll see them out and about, holding hands and being all lovey dovey these days. It's no secret that he belongs to her and she to him but as far as them coming out and being like, 'Oh hey, look at us, it's official,' who knows when that's going to happen?"

Before dating Drake, Rihanna was in an intense romance with Brown. However, the couple called it quits in early 2013.

Fans believe that if Rihanna is pregnant then chances of Brown being the father are highly unlikely as "I Am The Only Girl" singer has given her heart to Drake.

"She soon realized that Drake is the perfect gentleman - the opposite of Chris. He [Drake] treats her like a queen," a source close to Rihanna revealed to The Star magazine, reported Hollywoodlife.

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