From drinking cow urine to consuming ayurvedic herb giloy, the internet is full of ways to boost immunity or offer protection from novel coronavirus. But the ridiculous suggestions hit a new low when an Indian manufacturer claimed to sell "anti-coronavirus mattress" in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arihant Mattress, a Mumbai-based firm, advertised its anti-coronavirus mattress, claiming to offer "corona resistance mattress" priced at Rs 15,000 each. The tagline in the ad says, "An India which sleeps on anti-coronavirus mattress will move forward."

Everything about this ad is so wrong, not just based on facts but also the insensitivity towards such a delicate matter. Coronavirus has claimed more than 7,000 lives and close to one lakh patients are still fighting the deadly disease. In India, three deaths have been reported so far and 110 cases are being treated for the disease.

Coronavirus in India
Coronavirus in India

Anti-coronavirus mattress - A serious sales pitch

What's surprising is that the sales representatives are convinced the anti-coronavirus by Arihant Mattress does what it claims. Without knowing the facts about the disease and how it spreads, a sales person who spoke to International Business Times, India, claimed the mattress is indeed "anti-coronavirus."

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Upon inspecting further, the feature that supposedly justifies the claim is the removable cover, which can be washed anytime and reused. In addition to that, the saleswoman claimed the mattress is anti-fungal, anti-allergic, dust mite proof and waterproof. We couldn't help but notice the entire sales pitch was a scripted dialogue to lure consumers. After sensing our scepticism, the sales rep made her final pitch and invited to the showroom in Mumbai to see first-hand what the mattress is all about.

Anti-coronavirus mattress
Anti-coronavirus mattressvia Twitter

The firm's owner Amar Parekh was confident in the mattress and its claim as The Print quoted him as saying: "Nothing can go inside the mattress. It is anti-fungal and anti-allergic, dust mite proof and waterproof. We have been producing this product for ages."

We asked for a quote on this escalating matter, to which Parekh said: "The outer fabric of the mattress is completely anti-fungal, anti-allergic, waterproof and dustproof; thus preventing all sorts of harmful pathogens and dust particles from entering into the mattress foam. Nothing can, therefore, move into the inner layer of the mattress."

Irrefutable flak

The photo of the anti-coronavirus mattress ad in Bombay Samachar on March 13 went viral on social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. A lot of people were unhappy about Arihant's attempt to take advantage of the hysteria. The social media was not forgiving about the sly attempt to use coronavirus scare to the advantage of its sales and bashed the company for stooping to such low levels.

Below are some users who expressed their deep disregard towards the false advertisement:

We need regulations against such unethical marketing," One user wrote on Reddit.

The company should be sued for this fraud," said another Redditor.

I hate these opportunistic sons of b****s who misuse serious events like this to fill their pockets and putting people in danger with their deceptive ads. This company must be sued for this," another user said.

Anti-coronavirus mattress
Anti-coronavirus mattressTwitter screenshot