Rick's wife to appear in Rick and Morty season 3?
Rick's wife to appear in Rick and Morty season 3?Facebook / Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty fans are looking forward to watch their favourite animated show returning at the end of this year and it seems that season 3 is going to be more interesting than the previous ones.

Fans have been wondering for a long time about the whereabouts of Rick's wife, Mrs Sanchez. Though she hasn't appeared in any of the episodes till now and it has been revealed that Rick is divorced, there has been no other information regarding her whether she is dead or alive.

Recent rumours have stated that Mrs Sanchez is all set to appear in one of the future episodes of Rick and Morty season 3. Though the creators of the show, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, haven't confirmed it, there is a significant possibility of her appearance.

In the last season of Rick and Morty, Rick was seen to be in a prison in the season finale, while Morty and rest of his family returned to an alternate Earth where instead of humans, alien creatures were running the government.

Roiland and Harmon hinted at Rick's escape in a recently released short where Rick can be seen as a cockroach-type insect, who makes his way through the prison cell, butchering thousands of rats who are trying to stop him.

Another major story-line that fans might get to see in season 3 of Rick and Morty is a possible divorce of Morty's parents Beth and Jerry. Since season 1, the two have been arguing over getting a divorce sooner or later and it seems that tired of all the fighting, they will finally decide to separate and go their own ways.