Fans are eagerly looking forward to the next season of their favourite adult cartoon series "Rick and Morty" and it seems that Adult Swim, the network on which the show is broadcast, has got more thrilling elements from Season 3 to build up the excitement among the fans.

Recently, Adult Swim tweeted a post stating that Season 3 might begin without Rick around. In the post, a picture of Morty's garage can be seen that is empty as Rick is not there.

In Season 2 finale of "Rick and Morty," Rick was imprisoned and there is a significant possibility that Morty will plan to rescue him. Season 3 will also introduce new characters and villains as several speculations have stated that the Galactic Federation Prison will be featured in one of the upcoming episodes. Besides it, fans will also get to see the prison general Gromflamite; one of the most strict and stern prisoner generals of all times.

However, somehow Gromflamite gets to know about a possible prison break and he tightens the security around the premises, making things difficult for Rick. Nevertheless, Summer, Morty and Rick's ex-wife will put their best efforts to get Rick out of the prison.

Though first few episodes of "Rick and Morty" Season 3 will mostly focus on Rick's escape, it will also introduce his ex-wife who will join Summer and Morty. The trio will embark upon a hilarious and comedic adventure; something for which the show is known for.

It is yet not confirmed whether the recent mini episode where Summer enrols in Harvard while Morty dies because of Rick's bizarre experiments will be included in the third season or not. However, Evil Morty has been confirmed to join the cast along with Rick's ex-wife.