Rick and Morty
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The next season of Adult Swim's popular animated series Rick and Morty is all set to return this December and it seems that fans will get to witness some major changes with the next instalment.

Recently, the creator of the show, Dan Harmon, has hinted a major spoiler regarding the upcoming episodes. According to him, one of the episodes of season 3 titled "Keep Summer Safe" will mark Summer as the protagonist of the series where she might replace Morty as Rick's companion.

In season 2 finale, Mr Poopy Butthole provided with a glimpse at what might come in the third season. However, fans have been looking forward to an official synopsis of the upcoming season. Harmon also stated that though season 2 concluded with several cliffhangers, there won't be that many cliffhangers in the third season.

Recent rumours state that in Rick and Morty season 3, fans will get to see Rick escaping the prison with the help of Morty as the Galactic Federation guards hunt for them. Besides it, a new villain will also be introduced in the upcoming episodes, who will be one of the guards determined to catch Rick and put him in prison again.

According to reports, the initial episodes of Rick and Morty season 3 have been finished and in one of these episodes, Rick will return safely to his garage. However, he won't be having much peaceful time as the guards will be after his tail soon.

Instead of Morty this time, it will be Summer who will be accompanying Rick on his unearthly adventures as to escape the guards, he will once again journey to different dimensions and universes.

Rick and Morty season 3 will return in December with new characters consisting of Evil Morty, Rick's wife, and Poopy Butthole, who will reprise his role from the previous season.