Adult Swim and Cartoon Network's animated science fiction series "Rick and Morty" is all set to return to the small screen with a third instalment and it seems that the sitcom has something for the fans before it returns.

The showrunners of the series have revealed a four-minute-long mini episode to provide a glimpse of what Season 3 has for the eagerly waiting fans.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Justin Roilan, who provides voice-over for both Rick and Morty in the show, said that he improvised some of the scenes in the short, which is titled "Summer's Future."

The episode features Morty's sister Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) who is trying to select the college she wants to attend and the course to pursue. While Summer tries to discuss her options with Rick, he injects Morty with 120 cc of feces in his knees.

Geek has reported that Season 2 DVD of "Rick and Morty" will also feature behind-the-scenes commentaries from creators Roiland and Harmon in which they talk about the development of the third season and what possible elements fans will get to see in it. There is a significant possibility that the featurette will also provide details regarding Beth and Jerry's divorce.

Contrary to rumours, the creators have said that Season 3 won't be aired this August. They stated that the premiere can't be decided by just them and Adult Swim will have the final say on it. However, they confirmed that Season 3 will return by the end of 2016.

At the San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Harmon had shared his experiences of Season 3 and said that it was significantly harder and tougher to produce than the previous seasons.

As reported by Cinema Blend, Harmon said: "I watched the thumbnail animation of Episode 304 and I was ready to move forward with it and Ryan said 'we're not satisfied with it' and we were already behind schedule. [The animators] have to bear the brunt of the schedule, they have to work weekends. They are the ones that wanted to do it."