Nivin Pauly in Richie
Nivin Pauly in Richie.PR Handout

Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly is all set to woo the Tamil audience with his latest movie Richie. The actor, who enjoys a good fan following among film buffs of urban Tamil Nadu, made his Kollywood debut in Neram.

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Neram was a bilingual flick made in Tamil and Malayalam. But Richie is made only in Tamil and will not have a Malayalam version as of now, even though it is releasing in Nivin's home state simultaneously.  

The movie directed by Gautham Ramachandran has Shraddha Srinath in the female lead. Natarajan Subramaniam, Prakash Raj, Raj Bharath and Tulasi are among the cast. B Ajaneesh Loknath has composed music for the flick and Pandi Kumar wielded the camera.  Athul Vijay's editing is also another highlight of the film. 

Richie is the Tamil remake of Kannada movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe, which had Rakshit Shetty and Kishore in the leads. The film narrates incidents from the perspective of five people that lead to a mysterious death.

Nivin Pauly plays the title role of a thug. The story is centred around the murder that takes place during a local fair. Shraddha Srinath will be seen as a journalist who tries to put the peices together from different people to get a clear picture about the incident.


The songs like Thaayai Thedi and Sollathan Ninaikirane songs have already struck a chord with the music lovers. Also, the trailer has generated a lot of positive buzz. Can the film live up to the viewers' expectations?

The netizens have given mixed reviews for the movie. The movie has Nivin Pauly's terrific performance and a good story. But the screenplay is not up to the mark, say cine goers. Find out what they say about the flick here:

Kaushik LM‏: #Richie 2nd half - Decent. It's a slow-burn experience. Not the usual racy commercial stuff. There is a lot of subtext, drama involving friendship & relationships. @NivinOfficial gets his space in this half and does well. His style, swag is . He has tried hard with his Tamil
Kaushik LM‏Verified account @LMKMovieManiac
1h1 hour ago
#Richie 1st half
- many characters in a slow moving screenplay with multiple tracks. Not the regular format!
- liking the sea-side setting and the music.
- @NivinOfficial doesn't have much screen time so far.

Sreedhar Pillai: #Richie @NivinOfficial has dared to take the road less traveled by doing a neo-noir film which is realistic from run of mill commercial. It is a daring venture and something different for @prgautham83 and @NivinOfficial

Rockstar‏: #Richie - An unwanted remake ! Dead slow narration. Good performance from lead characters ! BGM

Hari‏: #Richie a little chaotic with the screenplay going for a toss... Top notch cinematography... Let's see how it goes

ReviewPuram‏: By making this a story centered around Richie, the film turns out to be more of a "Nivin Pauly re-entry" than a neo-noir tale of fate and betrayal. #Richie.. #RichieFromToday

VINOD KUMAR‏: #Richie watched the movie - just an ok stuff. Families will not prefer. Screenplay lags and Nivin is ok but doesn't completely suit a gangster role. Have not seen the Kannada version but this film surely lags

Manobala Vijayabalan: #Richie 2.75/5: #NivinPauly shines. Kid role was nice. #ShraddhaSrinath & #Natty had their moments. Story wise a big let down. Disappointing.
#Richie 1st half:
Story moves with multiple episodes.
Slow screenplay.Far too many night shots - low lighting.
Director hasn't managed to impress. Hoping for a better second half.

Christopher Kanagaraj: #Richie - Dir has made few changes in the 2nd half, unfortunately it didnt work in favour. Film ends up hvg a plain linear narration. Nivin has tried his best to justify the title role, but felt it didnt suit him. He comes for only 10 mins in 1st hlf. Superb music. Gud perf. Avg!

Giantsfan‏: #Richie good attempt of presenting neo-noir crime drama however screenplay doesn't help. #NivinPauly is terrific but that's about it.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Richie works as a great character study of a bunch of characters whose actions are fuelled by certain situations. @NivinOfficial and @prgautham83 make confident Tamil debut.

Arun: 1st half over... Whats going on ?! How is the truth going to be unveiled ?
Suspense thriller at its best !

Srini Mama: #Sathya: FDFS because I'm a whodunit lover!! Gone Baby Gone with a different ending. Well executed suspense drama with a good finale. The way the reveal builds up and pans out at the very end is terrific! A few undercooked characters here & there, but that's ok. Good movie.

Sridevi Sreedhar: #Richie A single incident throws up multiple versions! A genre that we rarely see in Tamil cinema. @NivinOfficial is sure to get accolades for his performance A new experience for moviegoers

Amar Aldrin‏: #Richie
Not everyone's cup of tea
Those who like unconventional and realistic cinema should not miss this one. Dont expect a mass entertainer.
@NivinOfficial performance was up to the expectations and was stylish
Well edited and BGM was classy
Brave attempt
#amarreview 4/5