Richard Ji
Richard Ji

Richard ji is one of those charismatic personalities who has attracted a large audience via his rare talent. In India it's quite difficult for a foreign artist to discover this talent of speaking hindi and acting in Bollywood. Yet, Richard Ji is doing very well.

Talent can be seen in any any person because talent has no boundaries. That's why we felt that Richard Ji is perfect in various areas as he seems to have the whole package. We interviewed him recently and he seems to have skills in gymnastics, calisthenics, hockey, tennis, as well as stand up comedy, and last but not least, acting. He has appeared in several big Bollywood movies alongside people such as SRK, Kareena Kapoor and Iirfhan Khan and has worked with many big actors in Bollywood preparing them as a personal trainer. He lately helped Ranveer Singh for his movie Simba.

Also he is known for his Hilarious Hindi videos over social media platform , Instagram and YouTube. We feel that he is going to rock in Bollywood at some stage soon!!

Richard Ji is from London but he is trying to proving himself in acting skills in Indian cinema. He left his country for a while and settled in Mumbai and Bangalore to explore Indian culture and Indian themes to interact via Indian peoples and he is also learning Hindi to understand better Indian things.

We asked Richard Ji what he wanted from Bollywood, so he said that he wants to be the first 'Gora actor'in Bollywood.

And he says that he will definitely transform

himself into a better actor,so that they get the love of Indian audience.

In addition he wants to break the stereotype that not a foreign girl can make her Career in Bollywood but a 'foreign guy' can also do this.

Also a good news for you all that in a coming months we are going to see a documentary of Richard Ji. Maybe on Netflix.

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