Richa Mehta

Richa Mehta, a young entrepreneur, shines at the MSME Conclave 2022. She was invited as a speaker to talk about her journey as an Entrepreneur. There were many dignitaries from various industries who were present at the event. She was the youngest of them all, representing her journey.

The panelist spoke about the paths she had covered upon being asked about her journey. She shared how, in merely four years, she has made her name in fashion and other fraternities. As a brand, she is being called all across India and internationally. She travels across the country to represent herself. She also talked about why it is important to do what you are doing in any particular industry. "Believe in yourself and you'll find yourself sailing ahead in the sea," she added.

In today's world, over 78% of Indian women are not working. She hopes to be their role model. She also added about her initiative, Ear2Hear, which talks about mental health and its awareness in women. That's her vision for Ear2Hear, to come out of the boundaries created and make a new world for women. She also talked about why it is so important for women to break the glass ceiling and move out because, in today's world, both men and women are walking hand in hand.

The MSME Conclave honoured her with an award for being a successful entrepreneur and a fashion icon. This award recognises her previous work as well as her achievements. The MSME manufacturer and service provider conclave 2022 honours her for all the hard work she has put in despite all odds. All the viewers and dignitaries also praised her for her success and congratulated her for her strong vision.

She is one entrepreneur who believes in her vision and knows where she is heading to. She is an inspiration for women who look up to her for the work she is doing in the fashion industry and as an entrepreneur. On asked about her future goals, she said, she is "passionate about what she does and will keep pushing for improvement."