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One of the most shocking cheating scandals was revealed on Sunday's episode of "Real Housewives of New Jersey," when guest star Victoria Gotti told Amber Marchese and Teresa Giudice that Rino Aprea was cheating on his wife with his mother-in-law.

Gotti revealed that Rino's affair with his wife Teresa Aprea's mother was what caused their divorce long back. Rino and Teresa got back together seven years after splitting up.

Gotti dropped the bombshell while catching up with Giudice and Marchese over cocktails, saying that Rino confessed to her about sleeping with his mother-in-law Santa.

"He started talking about his divorce," Gotti told Giudice and Marchese. "And he tells me this crazy story and he said, 'It's something she will never forgive me for,' and I said, 'You cheated…'"

Gotti continued, "He says, 'Well, it's who I cheated with.' I go what her sister? He went, 'No.' And I said who then? What would make her… "

"He just looked at me and he said, 'Her mother,'" Gotti said.

Gotti said that Rino was not intoxicated when he confessed about the affair, and added that there were other people who made him say this.

Soon after the episode was aired, Rino took to his Twitter account to slam claims, tweeting: "This is a salacious story that has been manufactured to cause hurt to my family. I will not play into this! My wife and son are my life!"

However, a source told Radar Online that it is indeed true that Rino slept with his mother-in-law, and the upcoming episode of "RHONJ" will deal with the affair. "It happened a long time ago, but Rino and Santa did have sex. And it happened more than once," the source said, adding, "Teresa's family is crazy and it shouldn't be shocking to anyone that knows them."

The source added that in episodes to come, Bravo will "fully exploit this tawdry affair," in a bid to increase the ratings of the show. "Ratings for the show have been so low. Teresa's mom is mortified that this has been discussed on the show, and now says she has to go into hiding!"