'Revenge' season 4 mid-season premiere titled 'Bait' will bring in new challenges for Victoria Grayson.Facebook/Revenge

The viewers can expect some major developments in Victoria Grayson' life when "Revenge" Season 4 returns on ABC with its mid-season premiere, titled "Bait".

She is already aware of a death in her family, but there are other problems coming her way as "Suits" actress Gina Torres will be introduced in the show as Natalie, a lady with few enemies and several hidden agendas, and Victoria is one of her main targets.

Initially, Natalie will try her best to win Victoria's trust; but the latter will finally find out the real reason behind the former's move to Hamptons.

So it remains to be seen how Victoria saves herself from the hands of a new enemy even before recovering from the death of a family member, which is speculated to be her youngest child Charlotte Clarke.

The mid-season premiere episode of "Revenge" Season 4 may also elaborate on the romance between Jack Porter and Emily Thorne. Trailers and sneak peak photos of episode 15 indicate that love is in the air for the two.

But as per the official synopsis, the friendship between Porter and Thorne will take a dramatic turn after Margaux LeMarchal uses her ammunition against them.

However, fans of the ABC show will have to wait until Sunday, 8 March, 10 pm to know more about their favourite characters.