Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump has accused of sexism in the upcoming book "Fire and Fury"Getty Images

Excerpts from Michael Wolff's new book Fire and Fury: Inside Donald Trump's House have revealed that US President Donald Trump had called White House Communications Director Hope Hicks "the best piece of tail" that former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski would ever have.

Hicks had reportedly run away from the room when Trump made this provocative statement regarding her relationship with Lewandowski.

The upcoming political book by Wolff describes the on-and-off relationship between Hicks and Lewandowski, which had been a subject of controversy in the White House.

This excerpt from the book mentions the highly controversial quote thus: "Trump, who otherwise seemed to treat Hicks in a protective and even paternal way, looked up and said, 'Why? You've already done enough for him. You're the best piece of tail he'll ever have,' sending Hicks running from the room."

Donald Trump fires acting US Attorney General Sally Yates
Trump fired Sally Yates when she refused to accept his travel ban on Muslim in 2017.Reuters

Trump was earlier criticised for making a statement against former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates when he called her the c***.

The excerpt read: "To Trump, he was just up against Sally Yates, who was, he steamed, 'such a c--t'."

This statement was made right before he fired her from the White House. Yates was dismissed 10 days into the job after she refused to align herself with the travel ban against Muslims.

Yates had lashed out at the US President after her highly controversial dismissal: She had described Trump as "beyond abnormal and dangerous" in one of her tweets.

The explosive book has been condemned publicly by the White House.

Trump is not new to making controversial statements against women. Possibly the most scandalous one surfaced during the presidential elections, where the then Republican candidate was heard in a tape from earlier speaking about grabbing women inappropriately.