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Madonna is in the news again, as her Instagram post had triggered a controversy. However, it was later revealed that her post wasn't meant the way it was interpreted.

The Queen of Pop stirred up a controversy on Sunday when she shared a photo of a Jewish man and a Muslim man embracing, almost about to kiss. She captioned the picture as: "This image is 100. #rebelhearts"

This image is ?. ❤️#rebelhearts

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The post received mixed response from her fans. Some saw it as a message of love, while many criticised Madonna for not respecting their religion and faith.

But, the provocative Instagram photo of the "Material Girl" isn't what it seems like. The photo is of two Israeli Jews, who are Tel Aviv party promoters. Imri Kalmann, 28, and Dekel Aiden, 24, host a periodic gay club party, Drek.

Originally taken by photographer Ziv Sade last year for Drek, the photo came under fire for using imagery of the Islamic state in a promotional campaign for its parties.

"I am not really Orthodox and he is not really Palestinian," Kalmann told Forward.

He said his team planned on something racier, but changed its concept after Israel's war with Palestinians began.

"We decided to do a photo shoot to say something that we feel regarding the war."

But, Kalmann was shocked when he saw Madonna post this picture on her wall.

"I am very, very excited I have an opportunity to show this message to so many people and I thank Madonna for this," he said.

Sade also took to Instagram to thank Madonna for sharing his image.

This is not the first time that the singer has made headlines for her Instagram post. Earlier this year, she had shared images of social justice revolutionaries like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, altered to match the artwork of her album, and described the leaders as fellow "#rebelhearts.

Well, it looks like Madonna knows what it takes to convey love messages the rebel way!