Lee Seug Gi
Lee Seug GiScreenshot/Youtube

The much-awaited music video of Lee Seung Gi's "And Goodbye" was released on Thursday, 11 June, but much to the fans' disappointmnet, it was only a minute-long. Why was the black-and-white video so short, although the audio is almost four minutes long?

The reason is quite devastating, according to AllKPop. Turns out, part of the film got damaged due to unknown or undisclosed reasons. The fans, who had been waiting impatiently for "And Goodbye", took to the comments section to express their sadness.

ashoka1006 : Oh my! Damage? Please tell me you will reveal the full version later T.T Seung Gi, fighting!!!!!

indah wahyuni: its kidding? just 1 minute??? still waiting to full version.

saniye songül bağsız : what??? just 1 munite mv? wyh? Anyway let's calm down. We have to wait a little longer . We support you no matter what. fighting my smile boy :) <3

"Not too much of the film was damaged, but it was a part that was needed for the MV story. It was a situation where we couldn't take out the content, and the full version won't be released. It's unfortunate that this happened for Lee Seung Gi's comeback after two years and seven months," a representative from Lee Seung GI's agency Hook Entertainment said.

Although the studio thought about re-shooting the entire video, the film crew's and Lee Seung GI's schedule did not match, and not releasing the MV at all, was out of the question because, the fans have been waiting for it. And so, the video was released in its current one-minute format.