Stars do a lot of things on a daily basis. We come across them at events, at launches, sometimes at weddings. Few actors only do films and nothing else. But, why should they and why do they? Shah Rukh Khan has his own answer. 

Dancing at weddings is something we've seen many actors do. We are also aware that it costs a bomb to get a star to dance at one. Little did we know they have their own reasons and protocols they follow to make it happen.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan justifies why he dances at weddings

Rarely do we ask actors what they do and why they do it unless it's related to films or acting. On those rare occasions when asked, the answers are interesting to say the least. Shah Rukh Khan has acted, danced, and done a hundred different things for different functions of all types. If he's a Bollywood actor, is there really a need?

Shah Rukh Khan talking at an event, when asked about how he feels about everybody wanting bits of him for different reasons. He said that Saroj Khan told him that if work comes his way he shouldn't refuse it because there may be times there's no work. 

The actor went on to say that he has a huge dignity of labour and that he dances at weddings because it makes somebody happy. He added that he would have liked if a movie star danced at his wedding or son's birthday party too. He said, "Half the time my price itself puts you off. I'm highly-priced for things like this. Movies I do for free, but anything else which is attached to it. And I have a huge dignity of labour. I have no problem doing anything. I can act anywhere, dance anywhere and I do it with full gusto and love. But, there's money attached to it because then I take that money and use it in making my own films. So, I don't have to borrow or worry..." 

Shah Rukh Khan also revealed that it isn't that he dances at the mandap or as people eat and celebrate as people often assume he does. A lot goes into organising it, like setting up a stage and seating arrangements for the performance. He said it's like an actual performance where people need to be seated for it at a particular time and it starts on the dot. He said while his price alone is not a factor, definitely, the client has to pay for the production team, organising and arrangements. 

If he does what he does with heart, that's really what any of us really should care about.