The incredible images of Saya, who looks like a Japanese schoolgirl, have been doing the rounds on social media for some days. She has become an overnight Internet sensation with many people trying to find out the real identity of the cute young girl.

Shockingly, it has been revealed that Saya isn't a real person. The images that have gone viral are actually computer generated photos created by Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa using 3D software Maya.

While creating Saya, the most difficult task for the artists was to replicate real human skin. Since they are not completely satisfied with what Saya has now, the duo plans to improve her skin and hair.

The Tokyo-based Japanese couple, who are freelance 3D computer graphics artists, are also planning to bring her to life in a self-produced movie.

They also plan to make Saya wear body armour.

"This character, Saya, was created as a CG character for a self-produced movie. I plan to equip her with body armour and am working on a better version. The model was created during the work intervals. Though the process was quite hard, I consider it my best work," reads a loose translation of the tweet by @Mojeyuka.