YouTube: Mavi777

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Mavi777' has recently released an eerie video that shows unidentified flying objects (UFO) hovering across the night sky in Arizona. The conspiracy theory channel revealed that the video was apparently shot from Surrey Park Phoenix on November 13.

In the initial moments of the video, bright lights were seen hovering the skies in a formation. However, a closer analysis of the clip reveals that the UFOs have a triangle-shape. After some time, military helicopters were seen approaching the objects, and the video soon cuts off.

The strange clip released by Mavi777 soon went viral on online spaces, and viewers started putting forward various theories explaining this creepy sighting. Most viewers who watched the video strongly argued that these flying objects could be actually alien spaceships from deep space. Some viewers even went ahead and claimed that advanced aliens used to visit earth to monitor human activities.

"I bet aliens pay a lot to visit Earth to see the primitive apes," a YouTube user commented.

"What was seen the last time this was with the Phoenix light's about 20 or so year's ago but last time they had no helicopter in the air? and this time they did interesting?" commented Vincent Carron, another YouTuber.

This is not the first time that conspiracy theory YouTube channels are releasing videos that show mysterious black triangle-shaped objects hovering in the skies. Conspiracy theorists argue that these black UFOs are actually, TR-3B, a secretive anti-gravity military vessel developed by the United States Air Force.

Phoenix is widely considered as a hotbed of UFO activities by conspiracy theorists. In 1997, similar sightings like these happened in Arizona, and interestingly, most of the objects that appeared then were also triangular in shape. After making their appearance in 1997, Pheonix lights reappeared in 2007 and 2008, and now, these mysterious lights are again perplexing conspiracy theorists.