Extra Marital Affair
A 70-year-old man sends love letters to a married woman (Representational Image)Reuters

A 70-year-old man got arrested in Bulandshahr, Aligarh for sending love letters to a married woman in the name of a teenage boy.

Shree Charan Lal Rawat, as identified, used to send letters regularly to a married woman of Bihari Nagar, Sasni Gate area, the same locality of his, according to the Hindustan Times.

The accused wrote many love notes in the name of a 15-year-old teenager who lived in the neighbourhood of the woman.

Rawat is accused of sending six such letters and in one of the letters, he had threatened to kill the woman's husband as well.

The lady got married one-and-half years back and live with her in-laws in Bulandshahr. The whole story of love letters started after few months of her marriage.

The HT reports that when the lady got the first letter, it reached her in-laws' house. Everyone got worried as the note contained some objectionable remarks and also threatening messages for the woman's spouse.

The situation got worse when the last letter reached on Friday last week containing some facts, which were known to only a person close to the victim's family.

The woman's in-laws soon filed a complaint to know exactly who was behind the whole scene. The Bulandshahr police immediately started the investigation.

The authorities demanded the CCTV footage of the head post office in Aligarh as the accused used to post the letters there, according to the report. In the footage, Rawat was identified as a 70-year-old retired sales tax officer and to confirm his involvement, his handwriting was also verified with the letters.

Soon, Rawat was arrested. "During interrogation, the retired officer confessed to his crime. The complaint has been received and a case has been registered," SO (Sasni Gate) told HT.