Resident Evil Revelation 2
Resident Evil Revelation 2Capcom

Game developer Capcom has announced another version of their highly acclaimed horror game, Resident Evil. The remake game set to be released by 2 January 2015,  will be made available for $25.

Capcom has refurbished the original title to provide a output resolution of 1080p with a choice of aspect ratio between 16:9 and 4:3. The latest version will also be able to generate 5.1 surround sound output and a stunning frame rate of 60 frames per second.

The latest game will be released in four different episodes on 17 February, 24 February, 3March and 11March 2015. The episodes will be available on Steam, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation network, while the physical disk version will be made available on 1 March across Europe.

Capcom will sell each episode for $5.99/ £5 each and $24.99/ £20 for all of them together.

In Revelation 2 edition Barry heads toward the remote prison island in search of his daughter Moira Burton and will meet a little girl Natalia Korda. Korda, the new character will have a supernatural power of sensing the enemies and hidden items. Using the combating skills of Barry, players need to opt between the two to survive or find Barry's daughter.

The latest game will also introduce new enemies like Rotten and the Revenant. According to the developers, Rotten will have visible bones and will hunt down anything that comes his way.

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