If Noah has been living under a blanket of lies, he will be forced to face them in the upcoming episode of "The Affair." Showtime's drama series, which focuses on the lives of the Solloways and the Lockharts has delivered a plot that exposes infidelity in relationships, violence and murder.

So far in the season, Noah (Dominic West), the New York based writer has had a stroke of luck with the success of his book, "Descent." However, fame seduces the father of three and he almost cheats on his pregnant partner, Alison (Ruth Wilson), who gave birth in the previous episode.

In the promo for Episode 10, Noah and Alison will seek therapy for obvious problems in their relationship. Noah has been distant and ignored his partner, whilst she is lonely and bereft of any close companions in New York City. Noah's preoccupation with his book and his lack of commitment to their relationship drives Alison to the extreme and she drags him to see her therapist, Marilyn (Cynthia Nixon).

The sneak peek video for the upcoming episode hints at a one-on-one therapy session with Marilyn. While Noah remains defensive about his actions, his therapist tells him that it's normal to be scared of cheating in a relationship that began as an affair. At this point, Noah admits to almost cheating on Alison with his publicist Eden (Brooke Lyons). He also reveals that this information has been kept secret from Alison.

It remains to be seen if Noah will come clean to Alison or eliminate this event from his memory.

Season 2, Episode 10's synopsis reads: 

Noah grapples with some essential questions. Meanwhile, Alison begins to doubt a recent ambition, and renewed interactions with the Lockhart brothers force her to consider a harrowing possibility.

"The Affair" Season 2 Episode 10 airs on Sunday, 6 December at 10pm on Showtime.