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Condoms come to your rescue for things you could never imagine. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

Condoms, though are meant to prevent pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), the rubber can be 'productive' in many other ways. If you can let go of the idea that it's gross, here are some creative ways of using condoms:

Applying foundation

Beauty vloggers came up with a unique way of blending foundation on the face. In the beauty tutorials on YouTube, they show how to use a condom to apply the beauty product for a super-smooth base. They use it by putting a sponge inside a condom and applying it all over her face. Well, if interested, try it only with non-lubricant ones or remove the lubricant by rinsing with warm water.

Waterproof watches and phones

Not all smartphones are waterproof and a few accidental splashes can land the devices in service centers and cost you a bomb. Well, to avoid it, you can wrap a condom around it, which is way cheaper than buying a waterproof cover. Same goes for watches.

Opening jars

It can get really annoying when trying to open jars with stubborn lids. However, in such situations, condoms can come to your rescue. It will give you the much-needed extra grip, but of course be sure you use lube-free condoms.

Stress reliever

Forget bubble wrap, get hold of a spare condom put some flour, and you've got your solution. Watch the video below to know how the process.

Rubber bands

Out of rubber bands? Just cut out your condom in straight vertical lines while placing the condom flat on a surface. You could get around 20 stretchy bands out of a single condom.