In the premiere episode of "The Affair's" season 2, Helen (Maura Tierney) and Noah (Dominic West) present their perspectives. The premiere began with Noah in jail. He is arrested for Scotty Lockhart's murder. Nevertheless, he is bailed out by his ex-wife, Helen. In the latest episode, Cole (Joshua Jackson) gets a voice and his perspective will reveal the tumultous relationship he shared with Alison (Ruth Wilson) when they were still together. 

We reported earlier that a series of clips for episode 2 hint at Cole's life after Alison leaves him for the New York based writer, Noah. Cole drives around aimlessly in Montauk while his family unravels after losing their ranch. Cole does not pay heed to his brother, Scotty's requests to look after their mom. Furthermore, Cole ignores his brother's suggestion that money matters be settled with Alison. 

In the promo, Cole lands up at Alison and Noah's New York hideaway and what follows is an awkward and uncomfortable moment between the two. The preview clip reveals Alison's guilt at seeing Cole, and she is later confused about her decision  to be with Noah. 

In the teaser, she sits alone at a park and contemplates her relationship with Noah right after she reads his manuscript. Alison wonders if Noah's conceit will affect their relationship. However, her fears are proven correct when Noah finds that his lover has gone through his manuscript. He storms out of the house, leaving a vulnerable Alison to deal with her guilt. 

Actress Ruth Wilson said in a promo video, "There is anger, and there is betrayel. If relationships start from a place of secrecy or dishonesty, can it ever be pure?"

"The Affair" season 2 episode 2 airs on Sunday, 11 October at 10pm on Showtime. You can live stream the episode by clicking here