There have been a lot of discussions of late whether we need reservations in our country. If yes, then in what form? Should it be based on castes or people's financial condition? And, should it be for a defined timeframe?

By being engulfed in all these questions, we forget one moot point. We have had this reservation system for decades. The scope of reservation has increased manifold since its inception.

Do we have any statistical data that helps to prove that these reservations have indeed helped achieve the desired objective? If the answer is "yes", do we need to continue this any further? And if the answer is "no", then why do we still want to continue with the system?

I think reservation has not helped achieve the desired objective. A large section of our society needs assistance, but not necessarily reservation. We need to focus on what their exact needs are. It may be financial, educational, or in any other form.

Like there is no common medicine for all the diseases, there is no blanket solution to all the problems. We as a nation need to understand the problems faced by our fellow citizens and try and address that, rather than just prescribing reservation as the only solution to all problems.

I have particularly used the words "we as a nation", because I believe these problems cannot be solved alone by government and its agencies. It is a nation's problem and needs to be addressed collectively by 125 crore Indians.

I hope we as a nation initiate a healthy debate on this matter, so that we could come up with a solution that is far more effective and helps achieve the desired objective.

[Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of IBTimes India.]