Niall Horan
Niall HoranReuters

Directioners -- the fans of British boy band One Direction -- are probably the most passionate fandom all over the world. With a special annual Directioners Day, One Direction fans have always been way ahead of other fan groups when it comes to celebrating their choice of stars. 

Recently, they made "#Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat" a worldwide trend on Twitter. The trend, attributed to the only Irish member of the now four-member band, invited Directioners to change 1D songs into songs about Niall Horan's hat. The challenge has been met with some amazingly hilarious responses:

blue ‏(@___c0ld) "You're Niall's hat, don't know what for,you're Niall's hat heads when you walk through the Niall's hat #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

FIERA! ‏(@NiallsZombie) "Couple billion in the whole wide world, find another one 'cause Niall's Hat belongs to him #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

Sophia Smith ‏(@SophiaSmithLov) "Everybody wanna steal Nialls hat Everybody wanna take Niall's hat away #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

♡ Narry ♡ ‏(@KFCWithNiall) "It's been so long It's been so long Maybe Niall's hat is fireproof #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

just chris ‏(@imyoursmaljk) "I don't know what it is but i need that one thing and you've got Niall's hat. #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

Need Nialls Hugs ‏(@KayaSuzinca) "Let me be the one to light a fire inside Nialls hat #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"

em loves harry ‏(@stylesft94_) "No one in the world could stop me from not moving on Baby even if I wanted to No hat compares to Nialls hat #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat?"

(No Control ‏@HarelledS) #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat You and Niall's hat,we don't wanna be like them we can make it til' the end no nothing can come between."

H (@kiddonarryx ) "She been my queen Since we were sixteen We want the nialls hat We dream the nialls hat, Alright (alright) #Replace1DSongsWithNiallsHat"