Renuka Shahane on Pradyuman Murder case
Renuka Shahane on Pradyuman Murder caseTwitter

A day after the CBI claimed that a Class 11 student was behind the murder of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, a Class 2 student of Ryan International School in Gurugram, actress Renuka Shahane came up blaming the mad race for grades.

In a note shared on Facebook on Wednesday, Renuka regretted that the run for grades has gone really out of proportion and have touched a new low. People have left humanity far behind, violence is considered cool these days, she lamented. 

"I'm sure all of you must have heard who the real culprit is in the Pradyuman murder case. The CBI has taken into custody an 11th grader who allegedly thought nothing of slitting the throat of an innocent 7 year old school boy just so that the school will have to declare a holiday, exams won't be held & ptm won't follow soon after. It sickens me how violence is considered cool these days & in the run for grades we've left humanity far behind," Renuka Shahane wrote on her Facebook page.

"The rich parents,the management of the school & the Gurugram police who did such a shoddy job, didn't mind making a scapegoat of an innocent man whose only crime was his poverty. It's time "International Schools" wake up & start actually educating their pupils. And somewhere I hope somebody is teaching the rich that not everything can be bought with money; definitely not good values & definitely not a good education. There are no short cuts in life & no expressway has milestones! RIP Pradyuman," she added.

Renuka, who has always been vocal about issue that matter, had raised some pertinent questions about on the cold-blooded murder in a long Facebook post earlier, highlighting the security lapses in the school. She had also suggested a few ways to deal with the problems.

In a dramatic twist to the murder of the Class 2 student of Ryan International School, the CBI on Wednesday said the crime was committed by a 16-year-old student of the same school who wanted to delay the upcoming exams. The revelation trashed Haryana Police's claim that a school bus conductor,  who is in jail since then, committed the crime in an attempt to sexually molest the child.

A court in Gurugram in Haryana on Wednesday evening sent the Class 11 student to three days in CBI custody after declaring him a juvenile.

The CBI said it reached the conclusion came after "inspection of the crime spot, scrutiny of CCTV footage, call records, statements and questioning of several people" that revealed the suspect had carried a knife to the school on that day and used it to kill his junior school mate. The Haryana Police had earlier claimed that Pradyuman was killed by Ashok Kumar inside the toilet as the boy resisted a bid to sodomise him.

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