Renu Desai, ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan, has finally broken her silence and commented on the actor for the first time on a public platform.

The "Gabbar Singh" actor and Desai separated a few years ago. While Kalyan is currently busy with his political party Jana Sena, Desai has reportedly settled in Pune and is working in Marathi films.

Of late, she seems to be getting a lot of annoying messages from fans regarding her personal life. However, the former actress had firmly said that she doesn't want to give any explanations about her personal matters. Despite Desai's stand, messages from the fans continued, much to the annoyance of the "Badri" actress.

Upset with the messages, Renu posted, "Im really fed up of the stupid personal msgs i get in my inbox...from today im switching off the option of msgs...i can understand that you all r hardcore fans, but pls remember even celebrities r human beings with real emotion and we also get hurt and offended. Grow up guys!!!!"

However, on Sunday (13 April), the actress came out and clarified her stand on her former spouse in a bid to put an end to the issue.  In her Facebook post, Desai  hailed Kalyan as one of the most genuine and true human beings.

"First time after my Maa Tv interview i am going to comment on him on a public platform. Mr. Pawan Kalyan is truly one of the most genuine and true human beings on this earth. The most generous, kind, humble and clean hearted human being. What happened in our personal lives only we both know and no one in this world has any right to comment on it.But he is one person I truly respect and admire for his sheer honesty and his struggle to do something for the society. I have always supported him and will continue to support him because the world needs more genuine human beings like him. There are people and then there is a person called Pawan Kalyan," she explained.