Saaho is releasing on August 30, and as the release date is inching closer, the makers are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the film in every possible way, and so is Prabhas. On Monday, Prabhas has given interviews in Hyderabad and he looked pretty much confident and proud of Saaho. In an interview, here is what he said about his wedding, his upcoming films, Bollywood debut and a lot more.

Saaho trailer gives us a glimpse of the technical grandeur. Do you think its standards will compete with a Hollywood film?

I can say that the film is nothing less than a Hollywood film. We have Kenny Bates on board and he has designed the best action scenes. He has brought his team also on board and they have done the best action scenes till now. We have used all the technical assistance from those people who worked for Hollywood. All those chase cars that you see in the teaser and trailer, it is all what Kenny has got designed them for himself for such action sequences and we have got them from Prague, as he lives there. So in short, the whole team and producers especially have worked hard to make it in the standards of a Hollywood film.

Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas in Saaho
Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhas in SaahoTwitter

What is that one particular thing in Sujeeth that made you believe him?

I know Sujeeth since when he directed Run Raja Run with Sharwanand. I loved the movie and asked him whether he will make a movie with me. He said he will come with a story first. I loved his confidence when he said that. He won the trust of the producers as well as mine. There is one particular scene which keeps repeating for around five times in different situations. It has all the actors in it. It has a lot of action, there could be chances where he can get confused too. But Sujeeth shot that scene with so much of perfection that made me feel like I am doing the right film. Sometimes his age doesn't let me believe that he has made Saaho.

You have been saying in many interviews that budget of this film wasn't under control? What do you exactly mean?

When Sujeeth came to me with the script, we just wanted to make it in Telugu only, within a small budget. This was before Baahubali and we thought we would go with the plan if Baahubali is a flop. But post release of Baahubali, the scenario has completely changed. So the producers of Saaho, who are like my family, have decided to make a bigger film for me. So they spent a lot in the making. From action scenes to songs and sets, a lot of money has been splurged. That's the reason I said, that in some situations, we have lost control on the budget.

Prabhas' dance move Saaho
Prabhas' dance move SaahoTwitter

We can see that there is a lot of pressure on you. How are you handling it?

The number of promotions I did for this film, I haven't done for Baahubali. There is a lot of pressure on me because, first of all, my friends have produced this film for me, and I have to do all the possible things to make sure they get back all the money. Secondly, I had Rana, Anushka and Tamannah while promoting Baahubali, but Saaho is all about me and I can feel the pressure now. But I am happy to be doing all this as I overwhelmed with the love that I am being showered with. I feel blessed.