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Manoj Muntashir is a renowned lyricist, poet and screenwriter. From writing scripts for various TV shows, he paved his way to the cinema and has penned several Hindi songs namely, "Galliyan", "Tere Sang Yaara", "Kaun Tujhe", "Dil Meri Na Sune", "Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga" and "Teri Mitti" and many more.

Currently, he is getting accolades for his recently released song from T-Series, 'Dil Tod Ke' penned by Manoj.

In an exclusive interview with the International Business Times, India Manoj Muntashir gets candid about the recently released song 'Dil Tod Ke', his take on creating remixes and gave a golden piece of advice to all the budding musicians.

Excerpts from the Interview:

On penning T-series latest song 'Dil Tod Ke.'

The song was shot during pre-COVID-19, it was in making from sometimes and as we know Bhushan Kumar is a perfectionist, so it was difficult to please him and it was tough to give him exactly what he wanted from you. Therefore I took some time but everyone is happy with the response and now it feels that every minute spent on the song is worth it.

He adds...

Dil Tod Ke Poster

The song 'Dil Tod Ke', is originally a super hit song. However, the thing is that the new generation is not at all aware of the old song. Recreated songs are a tribute to all the legends who have created the original track.

On his journey in the music industry

Manoj Muntashir

My journey has been a long run though it took a lot of time. I came to Mumbai in 1999 from a small town called Ameti, my idea was to make songs for film but somehow I got diverted to television. And for 15 long years almost till 2014, I kept on writing a lot of songs for TV. Every day I kept striving hard to get that first break into films, cinema is not an easy thing and especially for a person like me who was busy with television day-night.

Thankfully, 'Galliyan' happened and it became an instant success and since then there was no looking back. Over these years I have realised that all you need to succeed is patience. Things might not happen as you have planned for but it will surely happen when the time is right.

Whether he is fond of creating remixes

We don't call it remixes its called recreations, because remix is just changing the beats of the music, while recreation is something thought from the scratch. If you will go through all of my songs be it 'Rashke Kamar', 'Dil Me Ho Tum' etc. These are recreated by me and you find that these songs are authentic except from one line that is taken from the original song. Rest all is what we have reworked.

Creating remix is a tough job compared to writing originals because you have instant comparisons and people are ready to shoot you if you go down with it. For instance, Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan sabh's song you know what will kind of trouble you are getting into if you mess it up. So, keeping all that in mind T-series has never been arrogant about the remixes and that is something that always resonates with people.

We have to understand that people will criticise no matter. I also have a very firm opinion that remixes should not be done in bulk, and everything should be in balance. The problem is that if we will keep on remixing the songs then the next generation will not have any original songs left. 

Adding further

Manoj Muntashir

For instance, "Sanu Ek Pal Chain Naa Aave" we only recreated the song because it is already very nice else why will we recreate the song. It just that the song is already in the shelf from 25 to 20-year and in between these years a lot has changed in the music industry, be it the language of the music, the way people consume the lyrics. So why not present old wine a new bottle? And the song was a masterpiece.

On his favourite genre of music

My fav genre of music is heartbreak songs because I actually believe in one thing that there is no emotion pure than this emotion. You can manipulate all the other emotions but you cannot tamper with the feeling of heartbreak.

We are that kind of people who don't just go to the bar and dance on the song, but we also come back home and cry to sad songs. What I remember is, when there was an era of radio people use to turn on the radio at a specific time and would listen to those classics and would let their emotions out. I can relate to that emotion the most.

On industry being fair

manoj muntashir

This is what is my piece of advice to the budding musicians, never be afraid of the competition and don't get scared. Mumbai and film industry has a lot of space for talent. There will be struggles but in the end, you will get what you desired for, with sheer hard work. This is a very fair industry.