When protests rage like wildfire in one part of the globe, yet another video of a ruthless police attack on a man replicating George Floyd's merciless death goes viral on social media. This time in Rajasthan's Jodhpur, a police constable is seen kneeling on the neck of a man for not wearing a mask.

The picture that went viral shows Floyd with the police officers during the incident

Jodhpur police attacks man 

But, unlike the Minneapolis incident, the police here resorted to attacking the man when the latter, said to be mentally challenged, turned violent after being confronted by the police.

Jodhpur DCP (West) Priti Chandra, too stated that the cop had acted in self-defense to prevent the man from attacking him. The incident took place on Thursday when the man, Mukesh Kumar Prajapat was caught roaming on the streets by two police constables, without a mask.

The government and health officials have been reiterating the need to wear the face masks before stepping out of their homes.

jodhpur police thrashes man not wearing mask
jodhpur police thrashes man not wearing maskTwitter

Prajapat started slapping and hitting the officers when they tried to control him. As a measure to control him, one of the constables had to kneel over the man for a few seconds, as seen in the viral video.

"A constable clicked the person's photo when he was not wearing a mask. And when the constable approached him and inquired why he was not wearing a mask, the person immediately pulled up a mask and threatened them that he will gouge their eyes," said the Jodhpur DCP (West).

"So, the policemen called for a jeep but before it could arrive, the man started slapping and punching both the constables – there are videos of the same. We have filed an FIR against him and arrested him," she added.

Meanwhile, an FIR has been lodged against Prajapat on a complaint lodged by the Pratap Nagar police station.

According to the police, a case is already registered under Prajapat's name. Said to be mentally challenged, Prajapat had damaged his father's eye earlier for which a case was registered.