It's been more than six months and neither the deadly coronavirus is going away nor the losses we have witnessed. The passing away for the legendary actor Rishi Kapoor came as a shock for the fans and well as the Bollywood industry. Battling cancer for years, he final bid adieu and parted for a better world. Over the course of his career, Rishi Kapoor, made us laugh, cry and even left us in a state of shock with his versatility as an actor.

Hailing from a prestigious Kapoor family, he took the bandwagon of fame ahead and kept the fire alive. From being an original chocolate boy of the Bollywood to playing the role of villains and fun grandfather in the second innings of his career, Rishi Kapoor had a lot to offer. Today, Rishi Kapoor would have turned 68 and though he has left us, the world is still remembering him with love and pouring the wishes on Social media. His aura as an actor and a person is hard to forget but thanks to his amazing movies, we can revisit that lane.

Rishi Kapoor

Let's have a look at some of the amazing movies that will make you miss Rishi Kapoor on his birth anniversary.

1. Bobby


When the macho men of Bollywood Amitabh, Shatrughan, Dharmendra and others were conquering the world with their tough looks, entered a charming boy that enthralled the audience with his killer smile. He was none other than Rishi Kapoor. Kapoor made his debut as a lead hero in Bobby, opposite sizzling Dimple Kapadia and left the viewers speechless. His innocent performance instantly grabbed the eyeballs of many and Rishi became the talk of the town.

2. Karz


In his initial movies, Rishi often played the character of an urban cool college student or rockstar, but there was no character of his that matched the suave of Monty from Karz. Based on the plot of reincarnation and revenge from the murderer, this movie was a full-timer entertainer with lots of drama, romance and filmy songs.

3. Amar Akbar Anthony

Amar Akbar Anthony

They say 'three is a crowd', we say ain't not the case with the iconic rom-com 'Amar Akbar Anthony'. Though Rishi shared the screen with some of the big names in Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan and Vinod Khanna in this movie, the character as Akbar was the one that captured a lot of attraction. Not only we got to see the fun side of Kapoor but his chemistry with his wife Neetu Kapoor was simply amazing.

4. Sargam

rishi kapoor

Sargam was a beautiful tale of a dancer (Jaya Prada), who couldn't speak and hence communicated with heart and her art. Rishi in the lead role as Raju, not only motivated her but also helped her achieve her dream. It also showed that love doesn't require any language.

5. Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar

Do you think only Rohit Sharma can hit double centuries? Rishi Kapoor did the same throughout his life. From working as a child artist to teen, a young man and finally entering the last innings as a father and grandfather, Rishi Kapoor did it all. Though his family drama 'Do Dooni Chaar' Kapoor proved no matter what the age is, he'll also be young at heart.

6. Agneepath

Do Dooni Chaar

On the silver screen, face value is everything. No matter how you're in real life, people often judge you based on your characters and for an actor who has played the roles of a protagonist throughout his life, it's a risk to portray a negative role. But shedding the barriers, Rishi rose to prominence with his role as a villain in Karan Johar's Agneepath. Rishi as a fierce don, Rauf Lala, showed that he can ace any role.

7. Kapoor & Sons

rishi kapoor

With Kapoor and Sons, Rishi brought one hidden reality to the screens that some way or another, every family is dysfunctional and so is every person. Hence, with love and patience, we should mend the bonds and stay closer. Rishi as one of the coolest Grandfather we have ever seen managed to win the hearts of many and give old age goals.

It's difficult to incorporate all the amazing work the late actor has done in a single list. His movies such as D-Day, Mulk, 102 not out and more are some of his great work and proves that Bollywood has lost a gem with Rishi Kapoor, gone.