Lily Collins gains a new kind of fame in the web-domain after she grabbed a lead role in the Netflix based web-series Emily In Paris, which explores the life of a Chicago-based girl in Paris, without any knowledge of the French language. In the series, she plays a hashtag addict, social media influencer, who also works for a fashion company in the marketing sector. 

Lily Collins

But do you remember her from the time when she played Snow White in Tarsem Singh's directorial, Mirror Mirror. The Oscar award-winning Julia Roberts had played the stepmother queen. Robert's comic timing and delivery of dialogues had been unforgettable. The film, Mirror Mirror had been a light-hearted, comical take on the popular fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Lily had played the role of Snow White. 

You could tell, that Mirror Mirror had been directed by a person who had the Bollywood based Indianness in his blood, for the type of humour and content the film had delivered while dialogues were exchanged in English. In the final segment of the film, where Snow White manages to defeat her stepmother queen, morally and with the help of her prince, it ended with a song that had drum beats, similar to those audio tracks of the Hindi film industry. 

Lily Collins was also seen doing her own kind of 'bhangra' while lip-syncing the song. The film had been a real entertainer, and Bollywood goers might find a new kind of connection in its manner of narration. Take a look at the song. 

Mirror Mirror is available on Netflix India. On the work front, Lily Collins is expected to return for the second season of Emily In Paris